Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pony Club

Ed is all horse. In fact a Mongolian stallion living in Caulfield South. Show pony doesn't even begin to cover it....Ed has been known to lace his hay with muscle building powder that he purchases from the boot of shady Shaneel's car, at the rear of Woolies (after dark and on a full moon). Ed is all about performance enhancements, which to his detriment sometimes leads him up the garden path. A real bum steer. He still hasn't seen Clarice or Snouty since that fateful night with the shaman. The other pony's in the stables just don't appreciate the botox around his eyes or his man defining cleft chin. He is silky smooth, tight and shiny, just how he likes it.

Pony Club, medium brooch $35

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