Sunday, August 2, 2009


With his rockstar good looks and streamlined physique, this Goggomobil mechanic is wanting his cake and eating it too. With his fluid dynamic it doesn't take much for this lothario to lure the ladies into his shark net.
With so many hot lady fish in the sea, he works his magic with slow dancing to Nina Simone and hot pashing action... kinda like high school. J.J.'s main aim is to get his dermal denticles rubbed and massaged.
On weekends and public holidays J.J enjoys the odd surfer or two, he likes to play 'spot the honeymooner', it's his absolute favourite. It is quite the sport and keeps him trim, although the neoprene flossing can be irritating.
"Show us your white pointers, call me back in 5...."
J.J really is the love rat of the ocean.

J.J small brooch $30

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