Sunday, June 28, 2009

Join 'Jungle Lurve' mating service club. Where all creatures get to dance....

Put on your kaleidoscopic glasses of lurve, splash on the eau de cologne, Love Potion 182, blow your hair back and buckle up (or unbuckle) for the ride of your life at Jungle Lurve mating service club.
Down here at club Jungle you can expect to receive on entry, a party pack which includes: the manual "The do's,don'ts and only occasionally, if they said yes of Lurve'. This tell all book by the respectable Dr. Carmen Again, is very revealing and gets the heart pumping...throw that gym membership away for good. Also included is a keyring and a guarantee of a least three sizzling hot hot dates. A feelgood bookmark of affirmations, a pen and a heart for your sleeve. Now, repeat after me "I am a lurve beast".

Check out this

Name: Ling Ling
Age: 28
Sex: yes please
Nationality: chinese
Occupation: dental nurse
A bit about me: I am a vegetarian who likes it spicy. I like long weekends spent in the wilderness listing to exotic bird calls, coocoo. I also quite like the smell of tape. It's a bit out there but i am a crazy kind of bamboo loving mammal.

Name: Harriet
Age: 43
Sex: Female
Nationality: African
Occupation: writer for well known travel company
A bit about me: I am a mature woman. Full of potential and love just awaiting that right someone to bulldoze with love. I need someone with substance, the water to my wade. Please, no pansy's need apply.

Name: Charlie
Age: 36
Sex: once
Nationality: Gondwanalandinian
Occupation: Make up artist for the stars
A bit about me:I have a petite mouth but its not the size that counts its what you can do with it and trust me that one time... was amazing.
Call me, I'm not fussy.

All medium love brooches $35

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