Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy, busy!!!!

A photo montage of the Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust Family expedition to the Royal Exhibition building to be apart of Design Made Trade. Where only the best exhibitionist expose their wares.

Head check, Wilson, Harriet......Nigel keep your hands to yourself!

Here on arrival The Royal Exhibition Building stands in all it's splendour. (Missing the red carpet though). This is where Princess and Lady donned their 'Jolly' safety vests to set up in their new home, as Royalty does not quibble with Nazi events wardens!!!!!!! Safety, Safety with a smile...or with something else...?

Lucky the big bad wolf did not find us, as if he had of huffed and puffed he would have blown our cardboard emergency housing down.
But we loved our cosy quarters and our room mates too!!!

And from this angle...

Details, details!!!!!!!

The action.

Lady and the Princess.

Kevin and his mob demonstrating how they do it best.

Ahhhh, the end. It was four fast and furious days that the gang danced with many a new friend.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Design Made Trade

Princess C and Lady J have gathered their friends and are going to be hanging out at Design Made Trade - On this weekend at the Royal Exhibition Buildings on Nicholson St, Carlton. Go to this site for more details.
Come visit us and pick up a new beast for your bosom.