Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wheel de Beast

This Motley crue are abused underpaid performers for the well known television station B.C. They are the regular stars of 'Sale of Last Century' frequently seen pouting and shimming around product placement. People don't realise how dangerous this business of excess is...
Abraham has developed a rash from last weeks expensive lava day spa. He would rather live with his laughter lines than be loofered with pumice and frangipani petals ever again.
Tyrone's love of all things leather and stiletto has given him back complaints and a bit of chaffing. OUCH!
Little country bumpkin Timmy, didn't realise the effect his sex symbol status would have on the ladies, he feels objectified.
So in conclusion they are sick of being stereo-typed into the really, really good looking dinosaur category. Charlie, Tyrone, Abraham and little Timmy are now looking for a union that will fight for your right to party without judgement.

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