Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is Nigel, he is a dentist and for privacy reasons we can not show you his face. Not only is Nigel a highly recommended dentist, he has peppermint fresh breath and nimble fingers. In his after hours private time Nigel enjoys dressing like a fighter pilot and gets his friends to call him Captain.
At work however, he is very professional and although his hygiene standards are high, his trusty assistant Ling Ling is for ever plucking stray black back hairs from inappropriate filling mixtures, in between patients teeth, on the lid of the antiseptic bottles, in her sandwich and on the dental dams etc.
Ling Ling wonders whether she can approach her hirsute boss? Should she leave a suggestion in the suggestion box? Should she just drop subtle hints? Or should she flat out tell him she is going into the Meerkin weaving business and she is going to farm him???
Poor Ling Ling.

Nigel, medium brooch $35

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