Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bling Nation is coming!!!

Get out the jimmy bar, crack open those piggy banks, activate all credit cards and get online to Edition X as Bling Nation has landed! Those clever pirates at Pieces of Eight have many pieces to tickle your X spot.... With a 24 hour, 7 days a week online store, plus a showroom in Fitzroy. It's time to shine..... and we mean that literally... Swarovski's, 22ct gold and pure animal essense await your creditcard details... no free steak knives or ab toners though....

So, you are asking what is Bling Nation?

A body of *Bajishered Beasts that have crawled from the creative loins of Princess C and Lady J.

Jessica Morrison and Coconut Lu have taken Bling Nation to a level that resembles the love child of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom meets Ravi Shanker (and it was humid).
These 22ct gold leafed godly creatures are detailed with the finest Swarovski’s sourced from a planet far far away… Like Queensland or somewhere…

These magnificent beasts are set to redefined the fashion world as we know it… As they put the Coo in Couture.

*bajishhering: a completely made up word by us meaning the
collective noun for Swarovski crystals, gathering
i.e; school of fish, mob of kangaroos, bajishering of Swarovskis.

As Edition X opens on the 5th November, we thought we would introduce some of our limited edition friends.. So limited in fact that there are only 3 of each ever ever ever made....... Whoa....

Princess C and Lady J would like to present:

Maude Vicious

This ageing punk rocker's "natural" beauty doesn't come cheap.... Thousands of years of tanning in beachside Florida will give you that antique golden glow. This outrageous lady is not just a pretty face she has some health and beauty advice for you youngsters.... Smoking does give you crows feet, eating paper does give you worms and tattoos are for LIFE.... Get it right the first time. Cos, bloody hell, translations are not guaranteed and those chinese tattoos, while they look cool, who wants people ordering dim sims from a menu off your upper thigh??? Wearing animal prints are slimming... rrreeeoow ra pur lick lick muuuaa
Oh yea and dancing in the dark is an acceptable form of exercise.

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